Fjording in Scotland

2 Norwegian Fjords & 4 Shetland Ponies

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Anonymous asked: Did Minty used to be on livery at Dean Castle Riding Centre? I used to ride a Fjord called Minty when I returned to riding after many many years away from it and he was amazing, really got my confidence back quickly. He came up for sale but my kids were too young at the time and I didn't have the time then. If it's the same pony I'm so pleased to see he's got a good home, is doing well and having so much fun! I now have a welsh cob and a cob x/ISH but I still have a soft spot for fjords!

Hello, yes it’s the same Minty. Why anon though?

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Anonymous asked: why shave ponies in winter??

Why be anonymous??

It’s not shaving it’s called clipping. Winter is the time to do it because they have thick coats in winter. No point in doing it during summer when their coats are very thin. 

Next time please don’t be an anon.