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Showing Season so far…as of 21st May 2011

So far, me & my ponies have been doing pretty well. We’ve only really been doing online showing, however went to Dalry show at the weekend with Minty & Teiko. I was entering turnout & best rider with Minty and unregistered M&M with Teiko. I only managed to do the turnout class with Minty, with which we got 4th, and then went home because it was raining quite heavily and we were already soaked through.

Also thought Ishould post our online showing results so far for April & May -

  • Internet Riding Club - “funniest pic” - Loki 1st

  • Internet Riding Club - “turnout” - Minty 6th
  • Equi Net - “splash of colour” - Minty 4th
  • Equi Net - “best in hand” - Minty 5th
  • Equi Net - “to hot to trot” - Minty 5th
  • Virtual Horse Shows - “best headshot” - Minty 3rd


  • Happy Snappers - “rolling” - Loki 2nd
  • Happy Snappers - “scrubadub” - Minty 6th
  • Happy Snappers - “best newcomer” - Minty 2nd
  • Internet Horse Shows - “quartershots” - Minty & Loki 3rd
  • Only Fools on Horses - “best M&M” - Teiko 1st

I know they are only online showing but it is difficult to show fjords in my area so this is the next best thing. I will make show ponies out of them yet!

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